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Business owners are passionate and work hard to be successful, and along the way they meet many challenges. One of their challenges is an effective marketing strategy to get to the next level. Here at Rouge-Gorge Studio, our marketing division Soar Marketing Consulting™‎, works with businesses to create and implement effective marketing strategies. When working with our clients we take the time to understand their business, their targeted audience and how they communicate with them, and what their goals are. We create a detailed marketing plan, determine your brand message, and identify the suitable marketing strategy to get that message to your targeted audience. When hiring us, we follow the marketing plan through, working to execute and implement the strategy, all in-house, monitoring results, and making changes as needed. We have had marketing consulting clients grow by as much as 35% in one year!

We offer customized solutions for real results. Our goal is to help our clients refocus and refresh their marketing strategy, helping them to differentiate their business from their competitors in a meaningful way.
We are Your Concierge To Success™!

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