What Our Clients Are Saying

"Rouge-Gorge Studio has helped my business grow the first year we used their professional services by 18 percent, during the recession.The following year we grew 22 percent. Each year after we have grown by double digits using their marketing and branding skills. They have always been punctual, and much more creative than other professional marketing firms that I have spoken with. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to brand and grow their business fast."
Anthony E Tudino, A&D Professional Pest Elimination
Rick Lataille, WRIK Entertainment, SNAP DJ's Association
"I am pleased for the opportunity to recommend Rouge-Gorge Studio, with whom I had the privilege of working with our marketing here at Herb Chambers Honda of Seekonk. Their insight and creativity has helped our dealership reach out to new clientele, and has proven their hard work and exceptional customer service skills. We enjoy working with Rouge-Gorge Studio."
Scott Birtles, General Manager, Herb Chambers Honda of Seekonk
"Rouge-Gorge Studio was able to kick start our marketing and branding efforts here at the Cranston Public Library. We contracted them to design a new logo for the library and give us a constant brand. Prior to this we had several different logos in use and no standard brand or marketing. Rouge-Gorge Studio created a modern logo for the library that helps communicate the past history of libraries and calls to the future of our organization. They advised us on a branding strategy that we now use in all our messages and marketing. I highly recommend their work!"
Edward Garcia, Library Director, Cranston Public Library
Sam Ashkar, ACG
"We've been working with Rouge-Gorge Studio for a number of years now – they have designed our company logo, and both our shop and retail focused websites, along with other design work for Dez Racing. They are eager to help provide us with the tools we need to succeed as a business. Their design work and branding knowledge has helped us to stand out above our peers in the industry, and increased our profit margins, and for that we thank them! Rouge-Gorge Studio has been a pleasure to work with on each idea we've wanted to implement, and have provided us with a number of ideas that we wouldn't have considered otherwise. They are highly recommended!"
Mike Dezotell, Dez Racing
Bill Ross, William J Ross Inc
"Rouge-Gorge Studio is very detail oriented. We started working with them a few years ago and they are in charge of our business image. Rouge-Gorge Studio is very affordable and strives to meet our needs. Anything we do for image, whether it be advertising, web design, video, or signage, we trust Rouge-Gorge Studio to handle it, and they give us great satisfaction with the end product."
Justin Fournier, Vice President, Mike's Home Improvement, Inc
"I was in need of a logo for my business that would not only stand out, but remain relevant with current music industry trends. Rouge-Gorge Studio designed exactly what I was looking for and then some. As a result of them designing such an eye-catching logo, attention to my brand has increased along with my client base. I am constantly complimented when giving out my business card, which is always followed by the question "who designed that"? I highly recommend Rouge-Gorge Studio...you will be very satisfied with the results!!!"
Greg Lato, Push Pop Entertainment
"Rouge-Gorge Studio has been a valuable tool in building my business, with their knowledge of their craft and marketing, they have brought amazing ideas to the table and saw them through quickly and efficiently. You can count on them to produce a great product. I will continue to use Rouge-Gorge Studio for all my marketing and practice building needs.. thanks Rouge-Gorge Studio!"
David Pilloni, Pilloni Family Chiropractic, Inc
"Rouge-Gorge Studio brings both creativity and professionalism to their work. They have helped me on various projects in different capacities. Whether it was logo design, marketing materials, or ideas on branding, it was all done with attention to detail and done on time. Unlike other professionals I have worked with in branding and web design, Rouge-Gorge Studio can effectively communicate. I look forward to working with them in the future."
Eddy Ricci Jr, Development
"Rouge-Gorge Studio did an amazing job creating a new company logo along with a new website for my business. Both were done very creatively and professionally. We have received many compliments from associate's and customers alike. There were a pleasure to work with and would certainly recommend them!"
Mike Sova, RI Battery Exchange
"When I first met Rouge-Gorge Studio, I told them I was unable to get a video attached to a website that I was on because the file was too big. They told me that they had the technology to make it smaller and not effect the quality of the video - I said, Yes! They had it done within 24 hours...and it was done perfectly. It has been a huge part of attracting more clients! As for the video, the size and the quality were both terrific!"
David DiLorenzo, Goomba Comedy Co
"Rouge-Gorge Studio is an absolute pleasure to work with. Rouge-Gorge Studio combines great creativity with strong communication skills for a winning agency. I highly recommend Rouge-Gorge Studio for your next marketing project."
Jared DuBois, Magician and Mentalist